Koh Phayam Night Life Guide

Koh Phayam offers a long lost experience many still chase when it comes to Thailand. Thailand before the massive tourist boom, with serene semi-deserted beaches and friendly locals and it delivers on that promise in taking you back to the beauty and atmosphere that made Thailand such a hit for tourists in the first place. But what if you want a change of pace? after all, even paradise and peacefulness can get repetitive if you don’t add some spice to it. Luckily, Koh Phayam has evolved in recent years when it comes to the nightlife scene (especially during the high seasons) introducing some cool hangouts and activities to create the perfect balance between a relaxing vacation and some added excitement.

In this guide, we’ll go through some of our favorite go-to spots for nightlife activities in Koh Phayam. If you’re looking for a full moon rave, that’s certainly not what the Island is about. On the other hand there are numerous chill, fun activities to enrich your nights and make some great memories. So let’s begin, shall we?

Best Bars in Koh Phayam

Nightlife in Koh Phayam is primarily available through the versatile choices of Bars to choose from The majority of the partying in Koh Phayam takes place in specific days, holidays or special occasions in various bars that also have enough space to host parties. You’d be surprised at how they’re able to transform their spots into some awesome clubbing scenes where you can mix in with the locals and experience a nice shift in the chill environment to a genuine party scene. Beaches such as Ao Khao Kwai and Aow Yai are home to some of the best bars in the area, and the overall theme for the majority of bars in the island leans towards reggae music and culture which is quite fitting to the relaxed vibe the island offers.

Hippy Bar

If you’re looking for a bar experience that is like no other, look no further than the Hippy Bar situated in Ao Khao Kwai. An impressive three-story building resembling a mini-village that’s pieced together by driftwood, and a pirate ship-like structure at the top. Yes, you read correctly, pirate ships! You’ll be able to enjoy your drink (or drinks) which are fairly priced, as well as surprisingly good food.  Great reggae music, great sound system, and talented local DJs, all while having a front beach view of the sunset. Nightlife wise, You should especially pay a visit during the high seasons where they organize spectacular parties that make the isolated peaceful island temporarily become a memorable party scene.

Rasta Baby bar

Speaking of chill places, Rasta Baby Bar definitely fits the bill. Rastafarian style design that’s green in nature with the first thing coming into view is their cool mural tribute of Bob Marley, top-notch Reggae music and surprisingly talented local bands that often perform and are popular among the locals. The vibe is something special, and the evening fires across the beach they set up combined with gazing at the stars create an experience worth treasuring, along with good drinks and food.


Rendezvous Sports Bar

Rendezvous Sports Bar is a bar with three 55 inch TVs to watch almost every sport. Delicious food, affordable prices, and a wide range of beverages to choose from, and you’ll get to see whether you’re a winner or not. The restaurant and sports bar are two separate divisions, both of which are excellent in their own right.

Siam Bar & Restaurant

While Siam Bar is not as known as the bars previously mentioned, it’s definitely worth a visit. A hidden gem inside the hidden gem that is Koh Payam. It is run by a lovely local couple called Nara and Apple, which much like the place are incredibly chill, kind, and interesting. Nightlife wise the folks at Siam Bar run parties every 2-3 days, but every day visited is quite enjoyable, with high-quality tunes, great food (their pizzas are great) & drinks.

Freedom Bar

If you’re into seeing live music in the open air then Freedom Bar might be your go-to spot. Their choice of music is superb, but where they shine most are their parties that are held twice a week with some top-notch local talent and visiting artists from abroad. The style of music and atmosphere, like most of the bars on the island is Rastafarian in nature, but Freedom Bar has managed to capture their own unique variation of it. Drinks and food are available to enjoy the parties or just hang out in the bar on a regular night.

MUSIKA - Dance Bar


hosts the best (and only) Goa Trance parties in the Island, primarily on Saturday. Run by a great husband and wife team that definitely know how to rock the house. 

Other Spots Worth Checking Out

  • Eagle Bar
  • Jungle Bar