Koh Phayam Weather Guide

The Best Time for a Visit Koh Phayam


A favorite among many visitors to the Island of Koh Phayam due to signifying the end of the Rain Season, where nature begins to bloom, and the air and atmosphere are unique. Some rainy days, but very pleasant.



Best time to visit Koh Phayam due to a variety of reasons, from lower humidity, better waves, and warm weather that is perfectly balanced for beach relaxation.



A popular time to visit as it brings with it slightly less tourists. Humidity increases somewhat, but considerably more affordable, and great for beach relaxation.


Not a great time for beach oriented vacations, but a tremendous opportunity to enjoy nature with minimal crowds, for a quiet family stay.



The time where nature takes over Koh Phayam the most during the year. Considered to be the least desirable time for visitation, but popular among niche audiences such as writers and explorers.

Koh Phayam Weather Forecast

The weather of the small secretive island of Koh Phayam, much like the island itself varies greatly from much of Thailand. One of the primary reasons for the difference in impact is the Anamen Mountain Range which creates what is known as the Shadow Rain Effect, blocking a substantial amount of rain form reaching Koh Phayam. Needless to say, Koh Phayam still has seasons that see heavy rains and general inactivity, but also seasons where it maintains its splendour while other islands are more heavily impacted.

We at Bamboo Bungalows as a general rule, are an exception to the majority of establishments throughout Koh Phayam, remain open throughout the entirety of the year regardless of the season, but prices change quite drastically.

In this guide we’ll cover what is considered to be the best time to visit Koh Phayam based on Weather and other factors, as well as the cheapest times to visit the island. Our own home base of Aow Yai is a great surfing spot, so we’ll be including a continuously updating wave and wind forecasts among others tools for your convenience.