Koh Phayam Beaches – The Ultimate Guide

The small island of Koh Phayam measuring approximately 10km in length and 5km in width is a true tropical oasis with numerous beaches that attract travellers seeking a place that remains untouched by overdevelopment for tourism. Koh Phayam has maintained its development modestly which helped tremendously in maintaining the gifts it was blessed with.

Perhaps most impressive is that despite the small size of the island,  there are multiple beaches on the island catering to unique personalities and goals for your stay. Of course, being small, it means you will have the chance to explore and enjoy each beach individually in no time which is definitely a treat.

In the following list we’ll cover the ins and outs of the main beaches in the Island of Koh Phayam and their pros and cons.

Aow Yai Beach (Long Beach) - Surfing, Casual, Bars & Restaurants, Affordable Accommodations


Aow Yai, sometimes referred to as “Long Beach” is situated on the west side of the island, is the most developed beach in Koh Phayam which is evident by its larger selection of restaurants & bars as well as affordable accommodations. And yet, despite being the more tourist-friendly beach selection, Ao Yai is still secluded enough for a peaceful retreat and maintains a healthy balance of tourist-friendliness and keeping the beach and its surrounding area peaceful.

One of the main advantages of staying in Ao Yai Beach is the long, clean, sandy beach floor. Which is safe for children and able to swim safely Some sections are pools of mangrove forests converging with sea water. It is a good swimming pool as well. And there is a period of deep water flowing in a large wave in the middle of the sea Suitable for enjoying water sports, especially surfing and kayaking. The beach is located on the west side. Which is perfect for sitting and having dinner while the sun sets Which is different for each day Create memories for the holidays that are important to you as well.

Ao Yai Beach attracts many groups of tourists due to the suitability of relaxation. Consists of a variety of nightly activities to choose from, with bars And a welcoming atmosphere with friendliness Therefore, there are more diverse travelers in Ao Yai, so you will find a mix of adventurers, families, couples, and middle-aged groups that can choose to enjoy on this Ao Yai beach.

Ao Kao Kwa (Buffalo Bay) - Upscale & Family Friendly, Incredibly Quiet

Buffalo Bay Beach Koh Phayam

Ao Kao Kwa, also known as Buffalo Bay is the second most popular beach in Koh Phayam, famous for having the clearest water on the island and calmest waves. While calm waves are certainly a disadvantage when it comes to any hope of water sports, it does make the beach more family-friendly and less active.

While not as active in bars and restaurants as Ao Yai, Ao Kao is home to some great activities and famous spots, such as the Mangrove Forest, and the legendary Hipp Bar.

The northern and southern sections of Ao Kao Kwa beach differ from one another considerably and are both worth exploring.

The southern part of Ao Kao Kwa is richer in wildlife and is incredibly peaceful. At the same time, it is heavily affected by the changing of the dies, and swimming is only possible during the high tides. However, exploration of the area is expanded during low tides with more space to walk and explore, which can also be a rewarding experience.

The northern side of Ao Kao Kwa is not as influenced by the tides and cliffs that surround the area, and as such, swimming is made possible. The combination of the water being deeper presents some great snorkelling opportunities provided the weather conditions enable it.

Ao Kwang Peeb - Small, Retreat, Deep Waters

Despite measuring at only 300 meters Ao Kwang Peeb has become one of the most beloved beaches in the island for those fortunate enough to have discovered it. It is almost completely secluded and is incredibly private and peaceful. Its deep waters are hardly affected by the tides when compared to the enormous effect they have on Ao Kao Kwa, and the moderate effect they have on Ao Yai, and there’s some lovely monkeys running amok and other wildlife to enjoy.

Ao Mook - Adventuring, Oasis, Discovery, Natural

Much like Ao Kwang Peeb, Ao Mook takes isolation to the highest of levels, as it’s harder to reach compared to the most popular beaches on the island (Ao Yai and Ao Koa Kwa). It is available to reach by Boat or by Scooter rental, but make sure you drive with caution as the roads are less predictable on that side of the island. Nevertheless, when you reach Ao Mook you get quite a rewarding experience. A beach that’s basically entirely for you and mother nature to share with a stunning view of the neighboring island of Koh Kham. In fact, during low tides you could even walk there and continue your adventure.

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