About us

The Journey of Bamboo Bungalows

A Journey of Humble Beginnings

Bamboo Bungalows began in 1997 from nothing but a dream to share the unique beauty of Koh Phayam with the outside world, and the dedication to follow it through. We remember the first tree and flower seeds we planted, and are extremely proud of our place has grown in over two decades.

We started with only a few of our original bamboo huts back at their first rendition. which we have since renovated while maintaining their authenticity. We’ve added other room types, such as our most popular Villas, and Villa units with Air Conditions, along with Original Sea View Units.

Our Restaurant has grown tremendously, and while we find its beginning nostalgic and charming, are happy with the improved cuisine, additional space, and an added bar. 

Planting the First Seed

Where we Stand Now

With the help and support of our beloved guests and the love we have for Bamboo Bungalows we’ve continued to grow our gardens and renovate. It’s difficult to put into words how proud we are and how humbled we are with the love and support you’ve given us. We hope to see you soon.