How to Get to Koh Phayam

Visiting Koh Phayam, like most worthwhile experiences in life, takes a couple of extra steps compared to the more “touristy” islands in Thailand. The reward you get for taking these extra steps to journey into it is astronomical and only adds to the overall experience of the authentic nature and lifestyle of Thailand. 

The following guide will provide step by steps of how to get to Koh Phayam, which first requires you to reach Ranong, a  district Koh Phayam is a part of. Below you will find detailed directions and recommendations on arriving to Ranong, followed by means of transporation to Koh Phayam. If you require further assistance we’ll be delighted to help. 

Flights to Ranong & Surat Thani

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There are three major air flight companies that provide flights to Ranong, Chumporn & Surat Thani. Do note that if you out for an available flight that reaches Surat Thani or Chumporn and not Ranong, you will have to take a taxi to Ranong, which costs around 2,000-4,000 Thai Baht.

NokAir – From Don Muang Airport, Bangkok to Ranong (Direct)

Airasia – From Don Muang Airport, Bangkok to Ranong (Direct)

Thaiairways – From Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok to Surat Thani

How to get to Ranong by Bus

How to get to Koh Phayam From Ranong

Congratulations on your arrival to Ranong! you’re now one step away from reaching Koh Phayam and enjoying Thailand in its most authentic state of peaceful relaxation. There are two available ways of transportation to reach Koh Phayam from Ranong, both of which involve traveling the sea, from the main public Koh Phayam Pier or the privately held Tai Kak Pier.

To get to the pier, you have the option of taking a motorcycle taxi (around 70 baht), or a songthaew which is like a short minibus which drops you off about five minutes from the pier (around 20 baht). 

Speed Boat vs Slow Boat

As the name would suggest, speed boats reach Koh Phayam in a faster manner (around 40 minutes), and cost 300-350 baht. The slow boat on the other hand takes around 2 hours to reach Koh Phayam, and costs about 200 baht. If you have patience and want to enjoy the scenery of the surrounding Islands and the local fisherman, then the slow boat can be quite enjoyable. If you just prefer to reach your destination as quickly as possible, then the speed boat is your safest bet.

Koh Phayam Ferry Timetable

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