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Welcome to Bamboo Bungalows Koh Phayam, one of the first hotels to welcome those interested in the best kept secret Thailand has to offer. Our goal has, and always will be to introduce our guests to the remarkable wonders Koh Phayam and its tropical nature has to offer, and balancing it with modern, cosy, fairly priced amenities and villas for rent during your stay. Our rooms are suited for everyone, from backpackers to large families. 

We are located in the center of Aow Yai Beach, a 2-mile (3 km) crescent-shaped beach on the western side of Koh Phayam. The beach is never overcrowded and there are no noisy sport boats or jet-skis to disturb the peaceful, natural atmosphere. Our location gives us an amazing sunset view, every evening.


Local & International Cuisine made with care​​

In-House Bar

An extensive Beach Front Bar with knowledgable staff.

Beach Front Stay & View

We're located right in front of Aow Yai Beach

Extra Services

Scooters, Surfboards, Kayaks and Body Boards Available for Rent

Our Rooms

We offer a wide range of accommodations covering any possible need to ensure complete satisfaction during your stay with us. From our spacious Villa Air Condition Rooms, to our charming and authentic Original Bamboo Rooms, all of which incorporate our beautiful gardens and the natural beauty of Koh Phayam, with modern comforts. You’ll be happy to know, that there’s no economical overcrowding of our accommodations. Each room is distant form one another, allowing privacy, and a sense of having your own private nature filled environment.

Villa Air Condition

Our most popular spacious villas perfect for couples or families, Air Conditioned, and includes a large balcony.

Single Bed
Large Bed 
Extra Bed Available
Room Size: 44m2


Our Supreme Villas come with a large balcony and stunning view accompanied by a traditional teak wood decoration.

Single Bed
Large Bed 
Extra Bed Available
Room Size: 44m2

Villa Junior

Our Junior Villas, are a more personal rendition of our original villas, with all the benefits for a peaceful getaway.

Large Bed 
Extra Bed Available
Room Size: 32m2

Original Sea View

Traditional, authentic bamboo accommodations with a front view of Aow Yai Beach, and a private balcony.

Large Bed 
Room Size: 27m2

Basic Bungalow

Our Most authentic, economical accommodations, ideal for single guests, wanting to focus on nature.

Large Bed 
Room Size: 22m2

Keeping Koh Phayam Green

We take the blessings of the undeveloped, nature-rich environment of Koh Phayam as a treasure worth maintaining. This is reflected in our recycling bins, minimal use of plastic, and an economical room cleaning service every 4th day of your stay. We believe that once you see for yourself what it is the island has to offer, you will come to share our philosophy of minimizing economical footprints.


A favorite among many visitors to the Island of Koh Phayam due to signifying the end of the Rain Season, where nature begins to bloom, and the air and atmosphere are unique. Some rainy days, but very pleasant.



Best time to visit Koh Phayam due to a variety of reasons, from lower humidity, better waves, and warm weather that is perfectly balanced for beach relaxation.



A popular time to visit as it brings with it slightly less tourists. Humidity increases somewhat, but considerably more affordable, and great for beach relaxation.


Not a great time for beach oriented vacations, but a tremendous opportunity to enjoy nature with minimal crowds, for a quiet family stay.



The time where nature takes over Koh Phayam the most during the year. Considered to be the least desirable time for visitation, but popular among niche audiences such as writers and explorers.

What Guests Say About Bamboo Bungalows

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    star rating  The owners and staff were all friendly and helpful during my stay. As I don't rent motor bikes as a rule they organised my moto taxis for me as requested.… read more


    star rating  We had a wonderful stay at Bamboo. A very special resort because of the junglelike gardens and the pleasant bungalows. The crew of Bamboo Bungalows is very attentive, nice breakfast,… read more

  • star rating  The place could be nice but unfortunately not do much well maintained. The beach is huge but nobody cleaned it, we went also in the other side Buffalo Bay and… read more


    star rating  The property, right in front of the beach is very quiet and well managed. Peaceful vibes, nice staff and good food. You can also rent surfboards and enjoy the big… read more


    star rating  We really liked the location of this place that is situated in the middle of Long Beach. The staff is very friendly and helpful. it has one of the better… read more


Our In House Restaurant

Koh Phayam Island has seen tremendous growth in recent years, but when it comes to Koh Phayam Restaurants you will find a difficult time finding ones that rivals our in house restaurant, which is a key factor in the success and longevity of Bamboo Bungalows. We have, and continue to perfect and fuse together Asian Cuisine, as well as household European dishes. 

Many of the dishes we serve are caught fresh, from Barracudas to Tiger Prawns. One thing you will never find in our establishment is MSG, as we care both for the quality of our food, as well as the health of our customers.

Activities in Koh Phayam


Mangrove Kayaking

Single Person or Couple Kayak rentals for the fascinating, nature-filled mangrove forest

Surfing in Aow Yai Beach

Affordable surfing gear for the best spot in Koh Phayam. Ao Yai Beach

Koh Phayam Snorkeling

Koh Phayam Snorkeling Scuba gear for rent, including Scuba Masks and Fins


Enjoy the small yet fascinating geography and animal life of the island of Koh Phayam through Trekking

Traditional Massages

Incredible, healthy, and pampering traditional massages right in front of the stunning Ao Yai beach front


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